Meet the Jackson Family

It’s a crisp, gorgeous morning at the Fish Eagle Community Centre as we set up for our interview and photo shoot. Dylan arrives first, cradling a pensive, 18-month-old Isabella (we later discover Miss Isabella quite likes this serious expression). A few moments later, we hear the crunching of leaves on the pathway, heralding the arrival of Vivienne and four-year-old Sophia, fresh from a Mothers’ Day morning at school.

“Here comes the hyper one,” Dylan jokes, his eyes lighting up as Vivienne approaches. As the four pose for photographs, it is clear that they have a strong bond. Although the older two Jacksons were unable to join us for the interview, Dylan speaks fondly of them. Georgia, 20, is studying at the University of Cape Town and Callum (17) boards at Glenwood High School.

Dylan, originally born in Zimbabwe, worked in the United Kingdom and Canada before settling in Hillcrest. He relocated north, to Simbithi, in 2006, where he and Vivienne originally lived in Ilala. They later moved to Tamboti, where the girls have more space to play outdoors. “Besides the safety of the Estate, we appreciate the freedom, space and tranquility of Simbithi,” Dylan says. “We love the cohesive, outdoor living, sense of community and lifestyle. It’s such a well manged estate, in every aspect, from the moment you enter the gates and are greeted by the friendly security staff.  ‘It’s a feeling’ you can’t describe unless you live here.” Vivienne, who works at a marketing agency on the North Coast, calls Simbithi her oasis. “Coming home after work to spend time with my children in this beautiful environment is a blessing,” she smiles at Isabella and Sophia, who have found a dragonfly flitting by.

Dylan, who was recently award Top Selling Estate Agent for the second consecutive year, is especially grateful for the serenity of Simbithi after a vigorous day. “I spend much of my time selling in the Estate, so I’m fortunate to have intimate knowledge of the space. That makes me even more appreciative of living here,” he grins. When asked what the secret to his success as an agent is, Dylan points to Vivienne and the children, and strong support from the Regency Property team. “Real estate is a tough environment. The profession demands a lot of my personal and family time, and I could not be more fortunate to have my family; they are the meaning of all of this. Viv is the calm in my storm, and she keeps me sane. As outgoing as I may seem, I’m actually quite reclusive when I’m not working!”  

If they have time to relax, you’ll find Dylan, Vivienne and their family out on the trails, or at the community centres enjoying some family time.