Ed's Note: Simbithi Scene Winter 2019

What’s in a name?

What, indeed.

(Yes, I know that’s quite arb to begin an Ed’s note with…but go with me).

My name is Jodi. Jodi Natalie Chetty. Neé van Wyk. I’m very rarely called by my full name…unless my mother wants to warn me of an impending smack. (I’m married, and nearly 30, and she can still strike terror in my veins by using my full name – Happy Mothers’ Day, Momma!)

My name is Hebrew, and it means “God’s gracious joy.” My middle name is Latin, and it means “gift”. I inherited the Chetty name through marriage three years ago, and I carry it with pride.

My family and close friends call me Jo. My precious nephews call me DeeDee (I love that!) My husband calls me Baby, or Bubs. In the office, Malcolm calls me Kleintjie (I’m the youngest on staff). The security guards greet me with a loud, cheery “hello, Mrs. Chetty” when I pass through the gates. Elbert, our mischievous Sport Manager, likes to call me “van Wyk” in honour of my Afrikaans heritage. Among the staff, we have a quirky tradition of calling each other by our department names…so, I am called ‘Marketing’ or ‘Comms’. In turn, you’ll hear shouts of “oi, Finance!” or “hey, Security”, or “hi, Technical” in the halls of SEEHOA.

So, what’s in our name, Simbithi?

Someone asked me what Simbithi means a while ago and, as always, I was struck by the answer I gave: it’s the name of a tree on the Estate. Loosely translated, ‘Simbithi’ means ‘Ironwood’, and it’s a strong, extremely dense wood that was used to make knobkieries. Now, if you’ve ever felt a kierie, you would know that it’s sturdy.

So, what’s in our name, Simbithi?

Strength. Tenacity. Longevity. Resilience.

That’s who we are, Simbithi.

We are strong.



As we head into the second half of the year (I cannot believe I just typed that!) let’s be extra proud of our community. Let’s remember who we are, and what we stand for.

Have an awesome Winter!