Ed's Note: Simbithi Scene Autumn 2019

Hello, Simbithi!

I must confess – that sounds a lot chirpier in my head than it would if I had said aloud. Why, do you ask? Well…it’s January. (We prepare for the magazine six weeks in advance, so by the time you read this, it’s March already!)

Anyway. January. Yes. I saw a post just the other day that called January the “Monday of all months.” I remember rolling my eyes in sadistic agreement and muttering about how ‘blech’ January is. The jolt of being back at the office after leave. The annoyance of a PACKED local gym, filled with eager beavers embarking on New Year’s resolutions...

As I write this, I’m in the middle of moving offices. I’m stationed in the boardroom and our air-conditioning is being serviced, so the windows are open. When last have you done that? Switched off the modern convenience of icy, cool air and listened to the nature that surrounds you? Here at the SEEHOA Building, we are privileged to have our offices built around a lush courtyard. I can hear birds and office chatter, and I can feel a gentle breeze.

And, I find my sullen thoughts turning towards the traditional disdain of poor old January. Instead of marking new beginnings and a celebration of life, it is usually met with terror, horror and a dollop of scorn.

Why not try something new this year? Look ahead with anticipation and vigour, and get excited about the months that lie ahead. Instead of dreading them, and simply slogging along as the months zip by; be present, be HERE and be happy. In the paradisiacal place we call home…that shouldn’t be too tough, should it?

Have a preposterously blessed year! 

Jodi x