Greenkeepers' Revenge

The Annual Greenkeepers' Revenge brought a competitive field of golfers to the Course, and was rounded off by a lively prize giving. 

Here is a list of the top 10 four-balls:

10. Byron Nunes, Neville Lategan, Joao Morias and Elbert du Plessis (43)

9.  William Lyle, Eugene Haverman, Ross Urquhart and Tony Martin (44)

8. Tim Johnson, Haden Keeton, Layton Hodgson and Jako van der Merwe (45 C/O)

7. Ryan van der Merwe, Warren van der Merwe, Malcolm Lottering and Michael Bartholomew (45 C/O)

6. Peter Matkovich, Vic Mare, Bruce Gray and Clive Dunbar (45)

5. Malcolm Samuel, Marc McClure, Basil Bowles and Pete Forbes (46) 

4. Glenn McCall, Graham Wood, Chippy Wood and David Rose (47 C/O)

3. Lee Ramsden, Chris Hurter, Gavin Steinhobel and Warren Yannie (47)

2. Andrew Thompson, Gerhard Breedt, Eugene Zietsman and Greg Taylor (48)

1. Baron Schrueder, William Waller, Craig Meekers and Wayne Halgryn (49)