Let's Hear a YAY for Market Day!

Each year, we set aside a day to allow the creative juices of our littlest residents to flow. Our Annual Kids' Market Day is a highlight on our community's calendar, and this year was no different. 

Gloomy weather did not damper the spirits of our budding entrepreneurs, who arrived armed with boxes of stock, excited parents in tow. Stalls took on a life of their own in our Pavilion Room and on the deck, as wares were set out for sale: dreamcatchers, horse treats, slime (an abundance of it), handbags, sweets and chocolates, cupcakes, coffee and pancakes to name a few. 

Our community came out in droves to support the children, and it was truly lovely to watch their faces light up each time they made a sale. 

Thank you to all the grandparents, parents and friends who popped by the Market: we appreciate your support.