Simbithi Scene Ed's Note: Summer 2018


I have been at my desk from around 6.45am this morning, an hour and 15 minutes before I would usually start my day, which means I am seeing and hearing things I would not usually hear: contractors and their employees arriving at Main Gate. Parents heading off on the school run. The rest of the staff arriving.

Why am I here so early, you ask?

Well. The past month has been utterly frenetic, and I have found myself battling to catch a breath between all the deadlines, events, reports, projects, budgets and and and… (insert deep breath here). So, I came in early to plough through the admin piling up.

But, this morning, as I sit to wrap up the content batch for this edition, my thoughts drift to the upcoming ‘silly season’. Truth be told, it feels like I’m already in the thick of my silly season: we have a packed calendar for the balance of the year, and it takes a village to pull everything off. It’s much the same during the holidays, isn’t it? Family dinners, church, present-buying…and and and… (insert panicky huff here).

Now, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when everything around me is spinning at an alarming rate I find my temper shortening and my fuse sparking. I become snippy and moody, and the simplest thing pushes me to lose my mind. Sound familiar? How many times have you encountered an impatient, brusque shopper in a packed mall days before Christmas?

How about we try something different, this year?

STOP. Just stop.

Breathe. Look around you, and find at least one thing to be thankful for. This morning, I’m thankful for Mama Rose in the office, who brought me a mug of rooibos to calm my frayed nerves. I’m thankful for our GM, who stands at my office door until I smile, each morning. I’m thankful for the brilliant team here at SEEHOA, who pour passion into the Estate day after day.

Be kind. Take a moment to say hello to the person who packs your groceries, or to the car guard who helps you find a parking at the mall. Wave at the security guards and staff who are here right through the season: sacrificing their Christmas and New Year’s, so we’re safe.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, everyone.

May your days be sunny and bright.