National Arbour Week - Get Involved!

The first day of Spring marks the beginning of National Arbour Week: from the 1st, to the 7th of September South Africans commemorate the importance of planting, and caring for, trees.

Of course, as an Eco-Estate, this is a meaningful time for Simbithi: our trees are our pride and joy. This year, to celebrate Arbour Week, we would like to invite our community to be part of creating a special legacy, with the 2019 Tree of the Year: Sclerocarya birrea, Maroela.

The Maroela tree is an iconic African symbol with spiritual and nutritional value across many cultures. It is generally single stemmed and heavy in size and is known for its beautifully lush, spreading canopy called home by birds, smaller animals and insects. It provides a fruit with eight times more Vitamin C than an orange, favoured by giraffe, antelope species, warthogs and elephants: it is rumoured that elephants are known to become intoxicated after feasting on the fruit!

So, to celebrate Arbour Week, we’re inviting you to partner with us: purchase a Maroela tree, drop it off at our Welcome Centre and we will plant them across the Estate. What a wonderful way to give back to nature, as we signal the start of Spring!

While we encourage Maroela, a donation of any locally indigenous tree would be most welcome. Here are few:

Alberta magna – Natal Flame Bush

Bachmannia woodii  - Four-finger Bush

Bersama lucens  - Glossy Ash

Calodendrum capense – Cape Chestnut

Ficus caprefolia – Sandpaper Fig

Heteromorpha trifoliate – Parsley Tree

Ochna Natalia – Natal Plane

Peddiea africanuim  - Poison Olive

Podocarpus falcatus  - Outeniquia Yellowwood

Rothmannia globosa – September Bells

You may purchase your tree from the Shaka Nursery, or CJM Growers, both in Umhlali. If you need assistance, or additional information, please contact our Environmental Department: / 032-946 8360.