#Women'sMonth - Meet the Ladies of Finance & Admin

In this, our final week of Women's Month, we introduce you to the team of ladies behind our Finance Manager, Marc McClure. The Finance & Administration department is fast-paced, and relies on meticulous procedure and policy: running the financial and administrative sections of an estate of Simbithi's magnitude is no easy feat. 

Let's begin with two faces most residents know: the perpetually grinning faces of the Welcome Centre! 

Silindile Ngcobo - General Administrator [far right image; left]

Silindile, or 'Sli', as most know her, is efficiency at its best. We often wonder whether she has an extra set of hands hiding in her bag: she is able to answer the telephone, assist residents and other duties all at once. 

FUN FACT: Sli is the selfie queen of the SEEHOA building. She has even taught our Security Manager, Dysan Parasaraman, to take a good selfie. 

Zanele Biyela - General Administrator [far right image; right]

Zanele is Sli's other half, and joined us in the Welcome Centre earlier this year. Some residents may remember her from her days at the Security Access Office. 

FUN FACT: Zanele loves to laugh. She has a sense of humour that will crack anybody up! 

And, then, let's meet the ladies who help Marc keep our finances in order: beginning with the Country Club finance team. 

Bashni Peters - Club Accountant [top row; extreme right] 

Bash, as we fondly know her, is a long-serving member of the finance team. She leads the ladies on the Club's finance team, and is well-known by most of our regulars and golfers. 

FUN FACT: Bash's sense of style is legendary. She is also one of (if not, the) only lady we know who can wear high heels all day, and look fabulous. 

Thaveshni Manthidi - Credit Controller [top row; centre]

Thavesh is conscientious and thorough. Always warm and welcoming to the staff she assists, Thaveshni is a dependable and respected member of the team. 

FUN FACT: Thavesh enjoys a good meal, and is fond of the fish and chips from the Fig Tree. 

Lynne Johnson - Credit Controller [top row; extreme left]

Lynne was initially appointed as the Club's Admin Manager last year. She moved over to the finance team this year, and comes with a wealth of experience in finance, admin and hospitality. 

FUN FACT: Lynne returned from a lengthy period in the UK: her accent is simply delightful! 

Moving across the road to the SEEHOA team...

Krishni Padayachee - SEEHOA Accountant [bottom row; centre]

Heading up the team at the HOA is the sweet Krishni Padayachee. Incredibly reliable and organised, Krishni ensures things are kept efficient and orderly at SEEHOA's finance office. 

FUN FACT: Krishni loves good music, and enjoys having the office radio on while she works. 

Marty Govender - Debtors Controller [bottom row; right]

Having been with Simbithi for more than 10 years, Marty is a permanent fixture in the team. She is friendly and helpful, and goes out of her way to assist with queries. 

FUN FACT: Marty is a whiz with numbers! Watching her add and subtract is truly a marvel. 

Ranee Naidoo - Finance & Credit Controller [bottom row; left]

Ranee initially joined our finance team early last year and, after a period with the Technical team, rejoined the ladies in finance. Ranee looks after creditors on the HOA's side. 

FUN FACT: Ranee is a health and fitness fanatic. She enjoys a good gym session and inspires the office with her healthy eating habits.