Look! It's Learnmore

I am about 10 minutes late for my appointment with Learnmore, and I am running as fast as my (tiny) legs will take me. As I skip down the steps of the Country Club and head for the Fig Tree, I start to scan the tables to see if I can spot Learnmore. Suddenly, I notice a group of boys clustered around a gentleman with a broad smile: they are enraptured, as he animatedly speaks to them. 

“Buh-bye, Learnmore! See you at school, Learnmore!” They chirrup as I approach. Learnmore waves them fondly goodbye, and grins. “I love teaching children. They are such a joy,” he says. The soccer coach is well-known on the North Coast, having taught the good game at Footy, and several local schools including The Beaches Primary and Trinityhouse Palm Lakes. He is presently teaching at Ashton International College, and will be launching classes at Simbithi, at the Guinea Fowl Community Centre, in September.

Born in Zimbabwe, Learnmore Rugoho moved to South Africa 14 years ago. “In Zimbabwe, I played soccer semi-professionally. I have always loved the sport, so when I came to South Africa I knew it was the only thing I would want to do. I did my Level 1 coaching qualification, and started teaching at underprivileged schools.” 

The Learnmore Soccer Academy accepts students from as young as three years old. “At that age, they do not know much about soccer so I begin with basic skills development, and teach hand-eye co-ordination. It’s awesome to watch them develop, and to see them smile and enjoy soccer. I always get big hugs on the soccer field when they succeed!”

Learnmore says the benefits of soccer are endless, and he encourages children of Simbithi to join him on the field. “Exercise is very important, even if you are young. Don’t be a couch potato. Put the Playstation down and come and get active with us. It’s also a great way to meet some new friends and socialise!”

Keep an eye on our communication channels for more information on Learnmore’s weekly clinics at Simbithi.


By Jodi Chetty