Spring is Coming!

As we pack away the boots and jackets and enjoy a few extra hours of daylight every day, the murmurs of Spring are slowly becoming louder. 

While Sunday, 1 September will mark the official first day of the new season (and a long-awaited goodbye to Winter!) we have glimpsed one of the surest signs of Spring right here in the SEEHOA Admin Building. 

Our gorgeous row of Scadoxus puniceus has added a glorious spray of bright orange to our garden. Landscaping supervisor Michael Riley confirms this is one of the first signs that Spring is on her way. 

The Scadoxus puniceus, a bulbous plant, is known by several other names: paintbrush lily, snake lily, African blood lily and "rooikwas" in Afrikaans, or "isisphompho" in Zulu. It is native to much of southern and eastern Africa and is typically found in cool, shady habitats in moist leaf litter. 

Welcome, beautiful flowers...and, welcome Spring!