#Women'sMonth - Meet the Ladies of the Technical Office

"Behind every succesful woman is a tribe of other succesful women...who have her back!" 

With August marking Women's Month, we thought you might like to meet some of the ladies in Simbithi's tribe. Every Wednesday, on #WomenCrushWednesday, we will introduce you to the ladies who ensure our management team - and, the people who lead them - are strong, and well-functioning. 

This week, we meet the duo of the Technical Department: Building Control Manager Marilene Padayachee and Administrator, Shantal Chitiya. These two ladies form part of one of the Technical Department's most important arms - Building Control, under the leadership of Technical Manager, Nicky Misra. 

Let's meet them!

Marilene Padayachee, better known as Maril, is no stranger to Simbithi. Maril is the longest serving staff member at SEEHOA, having joined Simbithi at inception, 14 years ago. She fondly recalls her first interview, in a site container, surrounded by sugarcane! Initially joining us as the Assistant to Building Control, Maril has succesfully worked her way up to the position she now occupies, heading up the Building Control Department. Working in a male-dominated environment does not deter Maril: in fact, she is well-respected and revered by her colleagues at SEEHOA and in the industry. She plays a key role in the Design Review Committee, and in ensuring all building on the Estate is carried out correctly. 

FUN FACT: Maril is a ridiculously good cook! Her baking is somewhat legendary at SEEHOA, and it's no secret that we wait for November for her birthday to roll around so we can devour her famous chocolate cake. She also cooks a mean breyani, and if she entered MasterChef...she'd win. (No, we aren't biased). 

Shantal Chitiya is a newer, and most welcome, addition to the SEEHOA crew. She has been with the Building Control/Technical department for just about a year, and has fit in seamlessly. Shantal's role involves handling the copious amount of administration in the Building Control/Technical division: she assists with scheduling appointments for inspections, queries and discussions with homeowners, minute taking during meetings and replying and assisting homeowners with queries. 

FUN FACT: Shantal has an infectious sense of humour. She is the first face you see when you walk into the Technical office, and she is always wearing a smile! When she is not behind her desk, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.