#Women'sMonth - Meet the Ladies of the GM's Office

"Behind every succesful woman is a tribe of other succesful women...who have her back!" 

With August marking Women's Month, we thought you might like to meet some of the ladies in Simbithi's tribe. Every Wednesday, on #WomenCrushWednesday, we will introduce you to the ladies who ensure our management team - and, the people who lead them - are strong, and well-functioning. 

This week, we meet the ladies of the General Manager's Office. Functioning as a cohesive support system for our General Manager, Malcolm Samuel, these four ladies have been called the "glue" that holds the various departments at Simbithi together. With varying portfolios spread over SEEHOA and the Country Club, the ladies offer specialised assistance to Malcolm, the senior Heads of Department, staff and the Simbithi community.

Let's meet them!

Yvette Farinha: Executive Assistant to the General Manager & Board of Directors 

Yvette, or Yvie as she is fondly known in the office, provides direct support to Malcolm, and the Board of Directors. Her primary role is assistance to Malcolm: scheduling his diary and appointments, answering and distributing queries to the GM's Office, and generally ensuring the office runs smoothly. In addition, Yvette is the liaison to the Board of Directors, scheduling and administrating board meetings, special general meetings and annual general meetings.

FUN FACT: Yvette is a writer in her spare time - she is actually a published author, having just published her fourth novel! She is also a whiz at organisation: everything in its place, and everything running according to schedule! 

Sandika Gounden: Legal & Compliance Officer

Sandika, who joined us in December last year, is our resident 'legal eagle'. An attorney by profession, Sandika ensures the Estate is compliant from a legal point of view, and that our rules are followed. She consults on internal matters with HODs, and assists in the compilation of agreements and contracts. More recently, Sandika assumed responsibility for the Sales and Rental department: handling transfers, consents and sales and rental queries. She has quite the sense of humour, and ensures the mood in the office is kept light when it gets tough. 

FUN FACT: Before she joined us at SEEHOA, Sandika was a litigation attorney. In her own words: "I used to take from the poor, to give to the rich!" She also ensures that nobody in the office forgets to eat...sounding the alarm for lunch breaks without fail. 

Jodi Chetty: Marketing & Communications Co-Ordinator

The resident office 'Unicorn', Jodi is the youngest member of the team. She looks after marketing for the Estate and Country Club, ensuring our brand is healthy and active. This also involves writing for and editing the monthly eNewsletter and quarterly Simbithi Scene Magazine, and handling media relations and PR for Simbithi. The other half of Jodi's responsibility is managing the communications disseminated from the HOA: every time you receive an e-mail, or SMS, from SEEHOA...Jodi is behind the keyboard! Jodi also conceptualises, and executes community-based events to promote resident interaction and involvement. 

FUN FACT: Jodi is the office health nut. She (lovingly) makes everyone feel bad about their unhealthy food choices with her razor-sharp jibes. It's also a widely known fact that she is grumpy on days ending with -day. (Her days usually begin with Malcolm asking her to smile.) 

Justine Mia: Human Resources Manager

Justine's portfolio is within SEEHOA and the Country Club: she looks after the members of #TeamSimbithi. While ensuring Simbithi is compliant in terms of the laws of HR, and providing support to Malcolm, the Board and Heads of Department in human resources and staff relations, Justine is the epitome of professionalism. Justine's responsibilities include recruitment and induction of new staff members, and she is often the first 'face' of Simbithi the 'newbies' see when they arrive on their first day. She is kind when it's needed, and she is firm when required. 

FUN FACT: When she is not behind her desk making sure the team is well looked after, Justine enjoys spending time with her family. She is also fond of a good chuckle!