LOOK: Heron Community Centre Upgrade

The Heron Pizzeria has evolved into a popular spot since the introduction of the pizza oven just under three years ago. At the time, the facility was not designed as a full-service Food and Beverage outfit: particularly the kitchen.
We are pleased to announce that the anticipated upgrade to the Heron Community Centre has received the green light: all four phases have been reviewed by the Board of Directors, and approved in principle.
The Board has authorised the commencement of Phase 1, which is budgeted at under R2m.
Phase 1 – which addresses the immediate attention required by the kitchen – includes the following: 

  • Demolition of existing kitchen, including existing Pizza Oven and counters. Reconstruction of new kitchen in existing TV Lounge area. Repurposing of existing bin area into new scullery.  Creation of new serving counter and rebuilding new Pizza Oven.
  • Renewal of the entrance walkway with upgraded floor and cladding on columns.
  • Removal of existing Jojo Tanks and construction of a plinth for Pool Pump Room.
  • Feasibility study for additional parking bays.   

We are delighted to partner with Gerhard Breedt Architects on this project. A full presentation on the remaining phases, which will be rolled out in due course, which will be brought to the Annual General Meeting.
As the upgrade commences on Monday, 5 August, 2019, the Heron Pizzeria and kitchen will be closed until 31 October, 2019. The swimming pool, braai areas and adventure golf course will remain accessible during construction, but residents and guests are strongly advised to exercise caution during this period.
Should you have any questions on this project, please contact our offices.