Meet our Photographers

Famous German creative Karl Lagerfeld – best known for his work with high fashion brands Chanel and Fendi – once said this, about photography: “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”


Mr. Lagerfeld, whose sharp eye is behind some of the world’s most iconic advertising campaigns, was quite right. If one considers the picturesque landscape of Simbithi and the countless elements that make this Estate the aesthetic wonder it undoubtedly is: the dams, the forests, the wildlife, the buildings, the people…these ‘moments’ happen faster than we have time to realise.

Capturing these ‘moments’ and packaging them to effectively, and powerfully, strengthen one’s brand is a special talent. Earlier this year our Marketing department set out to do some intense work on Brand Simbithi. We began by critically assessing our image bank, which – although it contains stunning images that will be form part of the Simbithi legacy – were largely outdated. Step one of uplifting our brand was to compile a new image bank, which was when our paths crossed with dynamic Simbithi residents Chris and Emily Allan. No strangers to the photography scene, Chris and Emily jumped at the chance to be able to document their Estate through photography.

We chose to photograph several key components of Simbithi, including: fauna and flora, food and beverage, the golf course, community centres, lifestyle and portraits. The project was spread over three months. Chris and Emily ensured our vision was brought to life in an efficient, professional manner. As residents, they were able to find pockets of absolute beauty on the Estate, which they creatively ‘froze’ through a lens, giving our Marketing department an astonishing portfolio of ‘moments’.

The Allans were a treat to work with, too; Chris’s calm, measured tones and incredible technique juxtaposes brilliantly with Emily’s spunk, enthusiasm and intense eye for detail. The result of three months of planning, logistics and praying for good weather and glorious light have yielded an image bank that captures Simbithi in all its splendour. We are extremely excited to debut a few of the new photographs in this Edition.

And…some exciting news for residents, members and patrons to look forward to: the images will take centre stage on our new, official website, which we are in the final stages of rebuilding. Make sure you keep your eyes on our communication channels, and social media for the grand reveal – we cannot for you to share the excitement with us!